New ModuVision Building

Knauer / ModuVision Partnership

11 August 2023
Image film shot during the days surrounding the official opening of the new ModuVision building
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Atomium Brussels

SLAS Europe 2023 Exhibition

22 May 2023
Lab Automation Conference and Exhibition in Brussels this week!
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Fast HPLC Analysis at Analytica 2022

14 October 2022
Our new Robotic Cooler was extensively demonstrated this year at Analytica in Munich. Visitors were impressed with the speed of operation taking samples from the cooled compartment and injecting them into the liquid valve.
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ModuVision-Knauer Handshake

KNAUER acquisition

21 June 2022
Today we have great news! ModuVision has been acquired by KNAUER from Berlin!
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Analytica Booth Design

Analytica 2022

10 December 2021
Early summer 2022 the Analytica trade show in Munich will be held again. Due to the pandemic the 2020 edition was only held virtually.
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Overview New Building

New office building

02 December 2021
After a long period of planning and decision making we were very happy to reach an agreement on our new building. Our expanding organisation has become too large for the current offices.
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Sampler Syringes

Primariz Compatible Syringes

28 September 2021
This pages desribes all syringes that can be used on the Primariz platform and what syringe adapters need to be used.
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Ancient Hamilton Sampler

What is an autosampler?

27 September 2021
An autosampler, which is short for automatic sampler, is a device used in analytical laboratories to automatically and reproducibly deliver a sample to an analytical instrument in which the sample is to be analyzed. Autosamplers can be used in chemical as well as medical laboratories. This article mainly focused on the use in chemical analysis labs.
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Revelation of our building sign

Project Sign - New Building

15 September 2021
Important milestone for future growth! On Wednesday Sep 15th 2021 we unveiled the billboard announcing the construction of our new offices! This construction project is a joint effort between Bouwgroep Schrijver, Municipality of Vlissingen and ModuVision Technologies.
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ISO 9001 certificate ModuVision

ISO9001:2015 Certification

18 June 2021
ModuVision Technologies and its sister company ModuVision Production have been awarded ISO9001:2015 Certification. After an extensive preparation process and internal audits our entire organisation was audited by Dekra. We passed the audit on the first attempt and from June 1st 2021 we are certified for ISO9001:2015.

A big thank you to all who contributed!
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EU Map Europe

EU Financial Support

11 April 2018
ModuVision Technologies have received a grant from the EU Regional Development Fund to accelerate the development of new high-tech products. With additional financial help from the Province op Zeeland we will develop even more sophisticated products. These grants are based on a ranking system where only the most promising projects are selected for financial support.
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Reducing Ferrule Overview

New Reducing Ferrule

30 March 2018
ModuVision introduced unique metal-to-metal reducing ferrule
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Unique Single Channel D2EPC-2

05 October 2015
We have designed a new versatile flow/pressure controller.
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