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We would like to become your partner for your next sample handling or gas flow control project!

We are a group of seasoned analytical specialists. Building upon 100+ years of combined experience inside companies like Agilent, Varian and Chrompack, we offer a range of high quality OEM products for the analytical instrumentation market. 

These products range from robotics for sample handling to analytical grade flow and pressure control.

About ModuVision

More than 50% of our team are active in R&D developing new core products and working with clients to configure or adapt our product to your specific application.

All our products have a very modular structure, hence the name of our company. This way adapting our core products to a wild variety of customer cases is made as easy as possible. This way we can get you a customized sampler or flow controller in a minimum amount of time. Please refer to our process how this usually works. Of course we are flexible because no situation is the same!


Our entire organisation is certified according to ISO9001:2015.


Our assembly process is lean and highly automated. We made a conscious decision to keep assembly in-house so that we can optimize our processes and guarantee the quality of our products with every step in the assembly process. Any quality issues that might arise can immediately be fed back to R&D for remediation.  


We are located in Zeeland which is a green zone between the industrial harbour areas of Rotterdam and Antwerp. This part of The Netherlands offers a great living experience for our employees with great outdoor activities with city life around the corner. See the map below.

ModuVision Offices Location

Company Atmosphere

Our working attitude is relaxed but serious with the atmosphere of a start-up although we exist fore more than 20 years.

In 2022 we will move to a brand new facility that is 3-4 the size of our current office building. Our employees have contributed to the interior layout and decoration to get to a perfect working environment for everybody. This news page has more info about the design of the new office and assembly hall.

EPC Assembly and Calibration
EPC Assembly and Calibration
R&D Test Laboratory
Sampler Assembly
Sampler Assembly
R&D Project Meeting
R&D Project Meeting