Application Areas

The PRIMARIZ robotic xyz autosampler has been specifically designed for instrument manufacturers that wish to add sample introduction and/or sample prep capabilities to their systems.

The PRIMARIZ was developed from the ground up with the following criteria in mind:

  • Reliability at a moderate price level
  • Highly adaptable to the specific OEM needs
  • Simple and flexible software integration into the OEM application environment
Primariz on Agilent 7890
Primariz on Agilent 7890
HPLC Configuration with Robotic Cooler

The three preconfigured instrument variations are:

  • General Purpose Liquid autosampler
  • HPLC with robotic cooler and fast wash station
  • GC with or without one or more trays and wash stations


Furthermore, in close cooperation with you, we can create many configurations from standard building blocks as well as develop new techniques and options. 

The width of the autosampler can be 557mm or 887mm. Other widths on special request.

Areas in which the PRIMARIZ robotic sampler can be used are:

  • Elemental Analysis
  • Spectroscopy
  • Viscosity
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Liquid Chromatography


and many others

Fast Wash Station
Fast Wash Station for low Carry Over
PRIMARIZ for HPLC applications

We offer the following services to get your product on the market quickly:

  • Custom software solutions

  • Any mix of standard rail mounted options

  • Development of custom rail-mounted options

  • Various APIs (Windows and Linux) for easy integration of sample handling into your software

  • Special syringe and gripper solutions

Passive Options


130 postion full size tray

Developed specifically to optimize a maximum amount of samples in a limited space. 13 rows of a comprehensible number of 10 vials. The multiple of 10 makes it easy for users to quickly identify the correct vial location in the tray.

60 position half size tray

For more flexibility half size versions of the tray can be used. The half size tray has a 60 vial capacity for 2mL vials,

The half size footprint can also be used to accomodate 96 and 384 position micro titer plates.

P/N 610-100203     Precission tray holder

P/N 610-100210     Tray 130 x 2mL

P/N 610-100211     Tray 60 x 2mL

Precission tray holder with contents
610-100203 - Precision tray holder
LQ130 Tray
610-100210 - Tray 130 positions full size
Tray 60 positions half size
610-100211 - Tray 60 positions half size

Wash Stations

2x60mL Wash Station

Two 60mL containers, typically used for Solvent A and Solvent B. The waste position has a tube connection to allow using a larger waste container.

6x10mL Wash Station

Six 10mL containers, typically used for Solvent A, Solvent B, Waste A and Waste B. The additional positions can be used for other tasks such as Internal Standard.

The function of the Wash Station vials can be customized under software control to offer full flexibility.

5x10mL Wash Station

Five 10mL containers, typically used for Solvent A, Solvent B, Waste A and Waste B. The additional positions can be used for other tasks such as Internal Standard.

This wash station is designed to be placed on the precision tray holder (P/N 610-100203). 

P/N 610-100220     Wash Station 2x60mL

P/N 610-100221     Wash Station 6x10mL

P/N 610-100224     Wash Station 5x10mL

2x60 mL Wash Station
610-100220 - Wash Station 2x60mL
6 x 10mL Wash Station
610-100221 - Wash Station 6x10mL
5x10mL Wash Station
610-100224 - Wash Station 5x10mL

Active Options


Fastwash with Dual Liquid Pump

The fast wash option consists of two parts. The Fast Wash Station itself and a Dual Liquid Pump to supply the solvents to the Wash Station. The pumps are electronically regulated so that the desired solvent flow can be exactly set to fulfil the requirements of the application while keeping solvent consume to a minimum.

The Fastwash also offers 4 waste connections on the front to connect e.g. a waste line from the injection valve. This way a common waste tube can be used to collect waste liquid from various sources.

P/N 610-100222     Fast Wash Station

P/N 610-100223     Dual Liquid Pump

Robotic Cooler

The Robotic Coolers is an automated cooled (or heated) high-capacity sample storage unit. Up to 390 standard vials or 6 Micro Titer Plates or Deep Well Plates can be kept under exactly controlled conditions.

Huge advantage of this design is that the tray drawers can be opened and closed independently from the autosampler. This save a lot of time which means that ambient heat can be kept out as well as ambient humidity while speeding up the system throughput considerably.

P/N 610-100202     Robotic Cooler


Primariz Fast Wash Stations
610-100222 - Fast Wash Station
Dual Liquid Pump
610-100223 - Dual Liquid Pump
PRIMARIZ Valve Drive Main Unit
610-100230 - Valve Drive Main Unit
Injection Valve Head 6-port
610-100232 - Injection Valve - 6-port, 2-positions

PRIMARIZ in motion